We have Two different categories in This class, One is Weekend series released Every Sunday, Other class is Weekday series Released on Tuesday and Thursday every week.

Only Sunday Series Test Pack of 10 Costs Rs750/- (Free for Paramount SSC Pre and Mains Students)

Sunday+Tuesday+Thursday Tests Pack of 30 Tests with 30 Assignments and 4 video Lectures Costs Rs 1500/-(Free For SSC Main Sudents)

  • Student Need to submit submit his Mobile number and Email Id at the time of Purchase of Test pack or Enrollment to Courses.
  • It may take 36 hours maximum to Update student data submitted to our database.
  • Enter Your Registered Mobile Number on the Popup Box to get LoginID and Password.
  • If you already have a running account with same number you may skip the first step.(But if your data for SSC main is not reached us you may not access the Mains Tests)
  • If you have registered to more than one products, you have to choose the product from the dropdown list positioned at Top-Right corner of webpage (just below your login name), we have separate pages for each product. You cant access Banking tests from SSC Product page although you have enrolled for both.
  • You got login password, logged in but SSC Mains is not available in Dropdown menu in top right Corner it means Your data is not updated yet.
  • For SSC Pre Students the Sunday Series Tests are available In SSC Mock 2016 Folder in Same SSC Product DashBoard.
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